Book Description

Prepare for Microsoft Exam AZ-900–and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of cloud services and how they can be provided with Microsoft Azure. Designed for professionals in any non-technical or technical role, Exam Ref focuses on the critical thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:


  • Understand cloud concepts
  • Understand core Azure services
  • Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust
  • Understand Azure pricing and support



This Microsoft Exam Ref:


  • Organizes its coverage by exam objectives
  • Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you
  • Assumes you want to show foundational knowledge of cloud services and their delivery with Microsoft Azure; no technical background or IT experience is required



About the Exam

Exam AZ-900 focuses on knowledge needed to evaluate cloud service's value; explain IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS; compare public, private, and hybrid cloud models; understand core Azure architectural components, products, and management tools; describe the Azure Marketplace, its usage, and key solutions; understand Azure security, identity services, and monitoring; manage privacy, compliance, and data protection; price subscriptions and manage costs; choose support options; use Service Level Agreements; and understand the Azure service lifecycle.


About Microsoft Certification

Passing this exam fulfills your requirements for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential, demonstrating that you understand cloud concepts, core Azure Services, Azure pricing and support, and the fundamentals of cloud security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

See full details at: www.microsoft.com/learn

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents at a glance
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
  9. Introduction
    1. Organization of this book
    2. Microsoft certifications
    3. Quick access to online references
    4. Errata, updates, & book support
    5. Stay in touch
  10. Preparing for the exam
  11. Chapter 1. Understand cloud concepts
    1. Skill 1.1: Describe the benefits and considerations of using cloud services
    2. Skill 1.2: Describe the differences between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    3. Skill 1.3: Describe the differences between public, private, and hybrid cloud models
    4. Thought experiment
    5. Thought experiment answers
    6. Chapter summary
  12. Chapter 2. Understand core Azure services
    1. Skill 2.1: Understand the core Azure architectural components
    2. Skill 2.2: Describe some of the core products available in Azure
    3. Skill 2.3: Describe some of the solutions available on Azure
    4. Skill 2.4: Understand Azure management tools
    5. Thought experiment
    6. Thought experiment answers
    7. Chapter summary
  13. Chapter 3. Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust
    1. Skill 3.1: Understand securing network connectivity in Azure
    2. Skill 3.2: Describe core Azure Identity services
    3. Skill 3.3: Describe security tools and features of Azure
    4. Skill 3.4: Describe Azure governance methodologies
    5. Skill 3.5: Understand monitoring and reporting options in Azure
    6. Skill 3.6: Understand privacy, compliance, and data protection standards in Azure
    7. Thought experiment
    8. Thought experiment answers
    9. Chapter summary
  14. Chapter 4. Understand Azure pricing and support
    1. Skill 4.1: Understand Azure subscriptions
    2. Skill 4.2: Understand planning and management of costs
    3. Skill 4.3: Understand the support options available in Azure
    4. Skill 4.4: Describe Azure service level agreements
    5. Skill 4.5: Understand service lifecycle in Azure
    6. Thought experiment
    7. Thought experiment answers
    8. Chapter summary
  15. Index
  16. Code Snippets