Build Java web apps without wasting any time with this third edition of the best-selling Spring Boot guide for beginners, updated and enhanced with defining features of Spring Boot 3 Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook PDF

Key Features

  • Learn Spring Boot in a cohesive manner with this practical guide by a core Spring contributor
  • Discover popular Java developer tools such as GraalVM native images, serving up JSON, and more
  • Build secure, scalable, and manageable web applications from zero to production

Book Description

Spring Boot 3 brings more than just the powerful ability to build secure web apps on top of a rock-solid database. It delivers new options for testing, deployment, Docker support, and native images for GraalVM, along with ways to squeeze out more efficient usage of existing resources.

This third edition of the bestseller starts off by helping you build a simple app, and then shows you how to secure, test, bundle, and deploy it to production. Next, you’ll familiarize yourself with the ability to go “native” and release using GraalVM. As you advance, you’ll explore reactive programming and get a taste of scalable web controllers and data operations. The book goes into detail about GraalVM native images and deployment, teaching you how to secure your application using both routes and method-based rules and enabling you to apply the lessons you’ve learned to any problem. If you want to gain a thorough understanding of building robust applications using the core functionality of Spring Boot, then this is the book for you.

By the end of this Spring Boot book, you’ll be able to build an entire suite of web applications using Spring Boot and deploy them to any platform you need.

What you will learn

  • Create powerful, production-grade web applications with minimal fuss
  • Support multiple environments with one artifact, and add production-grade support with features
  • Find out how to tweak your Java apps through different properties
  • Enhance the security model of your apps
  • Make use of enhancing features such as native deployment and reactive programming in Spring Boot
  • Build anything from lightweight unit tests to fully running embedded web container integration tests
  • Get a glimpse of reactive programming and decide if it’s the right approach for you

Who this book is for

This book is for both novices and experienced Spring developers looking to learn how to build applications without wasting time on infrastructure and other tedious details. Working knowledge of the Java programming language is assumed.

Table of Contents

  1. Learning Spring Boot 3.0
  2. Third Edition
  3. Forewords
  4. Contributors
  5. About the author
  6. About the reviewer
  7. Preface
  8. Part 1: The Basics of Spring Boot
  9. Chapter 1: Core Features of Spring Boot
  10. Part 2: Creating an Application with Spring Boot
  11. Chapter 2: Creating a Web Application with Spring Boot
  12. Chapter 3: Querying for Data with Spring Boot
  13. Chapter 4: Securing an Application with Spring Boot
  14. Chapter 5: Testing with Spring Boot
  15. Part 3: Releasing an Application with Spring Boot
  16. Chapter 6: Configuring an Application with Spring Boot
  17. Chapter 7: Releasing an Application with Spring Boot
  18. Chapter 8: Going Native with Spring Boot
  19. Part 4: Scaling an Application with Spring Boot
  20. Chapter 9: Writing Reactive Web Controllers
  21. Chapter 10: Working with Data Reactively
  22. Index
  23. Other Books You May Enjoy